The Board

Processes and Protocols


  • Emeritus Professor Patrick Garnett (Chair)

    A former deputy vice-chancellor of Edith Cowan University (ECU), Professor Garnett has extensive teaching experience in chemistry and science with involvement in the application of new technologies, including online learning.

    Professor Garnett holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Education from The University of Western Australia, a Master of Arts in Science Education from the University of Maryland (USA) and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Education by ECU upon his retirement in 2007.

    He has extensive experience in educational leadership and management. In his role of deputy vice-chancellor at ECU, he had responsibility for the university’s academic profile, research and research training, quality assurance, human resources, risk management and audit assurance. Prior appointments at ECU included six years as executive dean and five years as head of school.

    During his career, Professor Garnett was also involved with the board of Secondary Education and the Secondary Education Authority as a long-standing member of the Chemistry Joint Syllabus Committee. He also chaired two Chemistry Syllabus Review Committees and was examiner and chair of the TAE Chemistry Examining Panel.

  • Professor David Andrich

    Professor Andrich has been Chapple Professor of Education at The University of Western Australia since 2007. He has conducted research at national and State levels on certification and selection into tertiary education.

    Professor Andrich has expertise in measurement and standards that will be a valuable asset for the Board and began his outstanding career in education as a teacher at Western Australian public schools.

  • Dr Lennie Barblett

    Dr Barblett is a Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at the School of Education, Edith Cowan University. Her research encompasses a wide range of topics in early childhood education including care innovation and workforce best practice; community partnerships; social and emotional development in young children; and an evaluation of the kindergarten and pre-primary profile.

  • Mr Neil Fernandes

    Mr Fernandes has 35 years of experience in the VET sector at the State, national and international level including senior executive positions as Deputy Director-General (Training), Department of Education and Training and Managing Director, Central Institute of Technology. He has been instrumental in developing VET in schools and also had close involvement in the Raising of the School Leaving Age strategy. Neil is also a member of the Training and Accreditation (TAC) Board.

  • Dr Lynette Henderson-Yates

    Dr Henderson-Yates is an Aboriginal woman from Derby and has more than 30 years' experience in Aboriginal education.

    Dr Henderson-Yates is a former school principal and has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. She was the first Aboriginal person to be appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor of an Australian university.

  • Margaret Herley

    Ms Herley has completed a two-year contract with Curtin University as Director of Partnerships in the School of Education. Previously, she was principal of Iona Presentation College for 15 years.

  • Dr Bruce Matthews

    Dr Matthews was the headmaster at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School from 1998 to 2011. Before that, he was deputy headmaster and head of senior school at Guildford Grammar School.

    He has a great deal of relevant, recent experience in school education in a regional setting, as well as experience in both the public and private sectors.

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