Committee Membership

Standards Committee Members

  • Dr Bruce Matthews (Chair)

    Dr Matthews was the headmaster at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School from 1998 to 2011. Before that, he was deputy headmaster and head of senior school at Guildford Grammar School.

    He has a great deal of relevant, recent experience in school education in a regional setting, as well as experience in both the public and private sectors.

  • Ms Anne Ford

    Ms Ford is the Principal of John Wollaston Anglican Community School. She has extensive experience as a school administrator in rural, remote and metropolitan schools. She has extensive experience in all aspects of curriculum and assessment and policy development.

  • Ms Melissa Gillett

    Ms Gillett is the Principal of John Forrest Secondary College.  She has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the education sector. She is also a Registered Psychologist (past School Psych) with experience in statistical analysis and evaluation; test development and evaluation; assessing students with disabilities; impact of mental health conditions on learning and assessment.

  • Associate Professor Stephen Humphry

    Dr Humphry is Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia’s Graduate School of Education. He has specialist expertise in educational measurement.

  • Mrs Pauline White

    Mrs White is Principal of Wanneroo Secondary College. She has extensive experience as teacher and school leader.

Curriculum and Assessment Committee Members

  • Ms Denise O'Meara (Chair)

    Ms O’Meara has extensive experience in a range of teaching and educational roles including Principal of Bunbury Catholic College, Principal of Mercedes College and member of the Executive of the Bunbury Regional Trade Training Centre. Ms O’Meara has also had significant involvement and oversight in the capital development planning for a multi-campus school and education support units for students with disabilities.

  • Ms Elizabeth Blackwell

    Ms Blackwell is the Principal of Kapinara Primary School. She has extensive experience as a Principal in the Government school system and education consultant.

  • Associate Professor Caroline Barratt-Pugh

    Associate Professor Barratt-Pugh is the Director of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood at Edith Cowan University. She has extensive experience in early childhood education.

  • Ms Amanda Connor

    Ms Connor is the principal of Holy Cross College and has worked on a number of committees and advisory groups in the Catholic education sector.

  • Ms Fiona Forbes

    Ms Forbes is the Principal of the Peel Language Development School. Ms Forbes has expertise in children with special needs and is currently the President of the Australian Special Education Principals’ Association.

  • Mr Armando Giglia

    Mr Giglia is the President of the Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA) and has 39 years teaching experience in regional and metropolitan secondary schools.

  • Ms Jillian Jamieson

    Ms Jamieson has extensive experience in the vocational education and training sector, and is currently a council member of the Western Australian Training Accreditation Council. Her past senior executive roles included Managing Director of Polytechnic West (eastern metropolitan TAFE campuses) where she led the practical implementation of national and state government VET policy settings and responding to the workforce development needs across a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Mr Tony Misich

    Mr Misich is the Principal of Beaumaris Primary School and is the former President, Australian and WA Primary School Principals Association. Mr Misich has 40 years’ experience in primary education.

  • Ms Kristine Stafford

    Ms Stafford is the coordinator of curriculum at the Association of Independent Schools WA and has extensive experience in all aspects of curriculum and assessment and policy development.

  • Ms Kath Ward

    Ms Ward is the Principal of Kent Street Senior High School. She has extensive experience as a Head of Department, English and as a Principal in the Government school system.

  • Mr Roderick Wood

    Mr Wood is the Primary Principal at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. He has over 30 years’ experience in government and non-government schools.