Kto10 Circulars - Edition 3 March 2022

Teaching and Learning

2022 Pre-Primary to Year 10 Moderation Update

Graeme Quelch
(08) 9273 6758

Teachers are reminded that registration is open to participate in the 2022 Pre-primary to Year 10 moderation process for:

  • English Years 4 and 8
  • Physical Education Year 6
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Years 4 and 8
  • Languages Year 6 Second language for Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Indonesian
  • Technologies (Digital) Year 4
  • The Arts (Visual Arts) Years 6 and 7.

The link below provides further information on the moderation process, including how to register.


Learning area assessment task workshops, to unpack the moderation task and prior teaching and learning, will be conducted in the week beginning 2 May 2022 for:

  • English Years 4 and 8
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Year 4
  • Languages Year 6
  • Technologies (Digital Technology) Year 4
  • The Arts- Visual Arts Years 6 and 7.

These workshops are available to teachers who have registered to participate in the full moderation process or are interested in finding out more about the moderation process for this year.

The link below provides information about the Learning area assessment workshops, including how to register: