Pre-primary to Year 10

Updated Teaching, assessing and reporting advice (updated 18 May 2020)

The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline sets out the mandated curriculum, guiding principles for teaching, learning and assessment and support for teachers in their assessment and reporting of student achievement.

Given the current situation with COVID-19, teachers are in the best position to use their professional judgement to make decisions on aspects of the curriculum that are suitable for those students who are working within a modified teaching and learning environment (e.g. online).

The Authority recommends the use of formative assessments to maintain the continuity of the teaching and learning program and that authenticated assessments should be completed by students on their return to school. This will also minimise concern for students and/or parents/guardians/carers.

Teachers of Pre-primary to Year 10 students, who continue to be actively engaged in their school work, yet are unable to physically attend school (eg medically vulnerable students) should work with the student’s parent/carer/guardian to determine alternative arrangements to authenticate their assessments.

For learning areas and associated activities that require groups/teams or access to specialised materials, or facilities such as workshops or kitchens, schools could focus on other aspects of the curriculum.

Reporting student achievement to parents – Semester 1

Due to COVID-19 and the disruption to learning and teaching, the Authority has amended its reporting on student achievement requirements (see link below), within the Pre-primary to Year 10: Teaching, Assessing and Reporting Policy.

Department of Education and Catholic schools must ensure that they refer to their school system policy requirements. Independent schools will continue to follow their own school policy, taking into account the Authority's amendment. Schools can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for further clarification.

Schools will complete Semester 2 reports using the usual format.

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)

Current Year 9 students will be provided with an option to sit the OLNA in 2020. This will be on an opt-in basis. In addition, current Year 9 students who achieved a Band 8 or higher in Writing in Year 7 will pre-qualify for the Writing component of OLNA.

The Authority will provide further details to schools, via its Kto10 circular, regarding the opportunity for Year 9 students to sit the OLNA.

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