Are you a teacher with a wacot number?

Teachers who have a TRBWA number can register for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website extranet, which gives them access to additional assessment and examination support materials.

What is the extranet?

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority website extranet is a different layer of the Authority's website that includes additional teacher support materials. This layer of the website looks the same but these additional support materials will now be available from the course pages.

Some of these additional materials include:

 Sample unit packages, examinations, examination reports and standards guides

ToRegisterfor the extranet you will need your TRBWA number and the email address you have registered with TRBWA. Once you have registered you canhere or from the login tab on the top right corner of every page.

Other areas of our website that teachers may find useful include the WACE manual, the Vocational Education and Training section and the Endorsed programs section.



Last Updated: 24/09/2013 13:26