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ATAR course examination dates 2016

The 2016 written ATAR course examinations will run from Monday, 31 October to Wednesday, 23 November.

The timetable will be published on Monday, 18 July.  No information regarding the schedule of examinations will be available prior to this date. Enquiries regarding Leavers week should be addressed to Community Engagement and Youth Policing Division of the Western Australian Police.

The 2016 practical ATAR course examinations are scheduled as follows:

  1. Saturday, 24 September to Sunday, 2 October (Saturday, Sunday and the public holiday included)
    Aviation, Dance, Drama, Music and Physical Education Studies
  2. Saturday, 24 September to Sunday, 9 October (Saturday, Sunday and the public holiday included) English as an Additional Language/Dialect (overseas schools)
  3. Saturday, 15 October
    Chinese: Second Language
  4. Saturday, 15 October and Sunday, 16 October
    Japanese: Second Language and Indonesian: Second Language
  5. Saturday, 15 October to Sunday, 30 October (Saturday and Sunday included)
    English as an Additional Language/Dialect (Western Australian schools), French: Second Language, French: Background Language, German: Second Language, German: Background Language and Italian: Second Language, Italian: Background Language

The school will not be able to specify particular day/s for the practical examinations to be held for all of its students. Students from a school must be randomly allocated to examination times throughout all of the days allotted for a course. This process ensures anonymity for all candidates.

Schools are advised to plan activities such as school examinations, final-day assembly, graduation, valedictory dinners and leavers’ breakfast on dates other than those listed above. These activities should be scheduled when there are no examinations for local students, such as between Monday, 3 October and Friday, 14 October.

Schools are requested to communicate the written and practical examination dates to students, teachers and parents. No allowance in the timetable can be made for holidays, work or personal arrangements.

The written ATAR course examination dates for future years will be:  

  • 2017 Wednesday, 1 November – Wednesday, 22 November
  • 2018 Thursday, 1 November - Wednesday, 21 November
  • 2019 Friday, 1 November - Thursday, 21 November 


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