The Authority’s moderation processes help ensure the comparability of school marks and grades. Comparability between schools occurs when the same result in the same course unit has the same value across the state. This helps ensure fairness of marking and grading for students. It also maintains the credibility of school marks and grades.

Establishing comparability for a course/stage requires the Authority to:

  • provide syllabus documents which clearly indicate to schools the knowledge, skills and understandings that should be taught statewide
  • develop assessment requirements that schools must follow in terms of assessment types and weightings
  • ensure teachers have a common understanding of the standards to be applied
  • statistically adjust school marks for Stage 2 and Stage 3 based upon the performance of students in the WACE examination (Year 12 in 2015).
Comparability is assured for each course unit, if the school:
  • develops its structured education program based on the syllabus and implements this program 
  • develops its assessment program to reflect the assessment requirements of the syllabus and implements this program  
  • implements the Authority’s grading procedures to achieve course standards
  • participates in the Authority's consensus moderation meetings and school moderation program.
To achieve comparability, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority provides:


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