Physical Education Studies

2007 was the first year of implementation. The first WACE examinations for Physical Education Studies  were conducted in 2008.

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Course Summary

Physical Education Studies contributes to the development of student’s physical, social and emotional growth. Students learn about physiological, psychological, and biomechanical principles and apply these to analyse and improve personal and group performances in physical activities. Throughout the course, students learn through integrated written, oral and active learning experiences. The course also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to pursue personal interests and potential in physical activity as athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and/or volunteers.



For Year 11 and 12 syllabus documents for 2016 please visit the course page on the WACE 2015-16 website

Assessment and Other Support Materials

Guide to Grades

Resource lists
(21 Kb) (43 Kb) Introduction (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(16 Kb)  (38 Kb) Print (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(17 Kb) (40 Kb) Websites (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(16 Kb) (91 Kb) Multimedia (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(33 Kb) (38 Kb) Combined (uploaded 26/04/12)

Examination Materials

(253 Kb) 2015 WACE examination stage 2 sample multiple choice answer sheet (uploaded 19/03/15)
(253 Kb) 2015 WACE examination stage 3 sample multiple choice answer sheet (uploaded 19/03/15)

Practical Examination support material

(397 Kb) Stage 2 and Stage 3 Practical (performance) examination requirements 2015 (Uploaded 17/03/15)

The purpose of these materials is to support teachers and candidates in preparation for the Physical Education Studies practical examination. The support materials for the listed sports have been trialled and reviewed by teachers and experts in the listed sports. For each of the listed sports the revised support materials include:

  • skill set with observation points
  • static and dynamic drills
  • tactical framework


(293 Kb)  (3260 Kb) AFL (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(129 Kb)  (2978 Kb) Artistic Gymnastics (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(130 Kb)   (3007 Kb) Athletics (uploaded 30/08/13)
(338 Kb)  (3210 Kb) Badminton (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(644 Kb)   (3590 Kb) Basketball (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(412 Kb)  (3290 Kb) Cricket (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(260 Kb)  (2200 Kb) Equestrian (uploaded 19/03/14)
(439 Kb)  (4110 Kb) Golf  (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(381 Kb)  (3350 Kb) Hockey (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(303 Kb)  (3220 Kb) Netball (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(498 Kb)  (3390 Kb) Soccer (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(333 Kb)  (3290 Kb) Softball (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(342 Kb)  (3360 Kb) Squash (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(384 Kb)  (3170 Kb) Swimming (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(423 Kb)  (3310 Kb) Tennis (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(308 Kb)  (3420 Kb) Touch football (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)
(301 Kb)  (3100 Kb) Volleyball (uploaded prior to 21/12/12)

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