WACE English language competence

Demonstrating English language competence (ELC) is a requirement in order to attain the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

In 2015, the WACE English language competence requirements are:

  • completion of at least four units of an English course, post-year 10, studied over at least two years. For further details see the WACE Manual 2014-15
  • demonstration of ELC as defined by the ELC criteria and the standard exemplified in work samples provided.
    This standard represents the minimum level of English language competence deemed necessary for effective interaction in the broader community.

If the requirements above are not demonstrated, students may submit to their school a portfolio of work samples from their courses that address the ELC criteria.
The schools will then be required to review the portfolio and make a professional judgement as to whether the student has English language competence.

If the portfolio submitted contains insufficient evidence of ELC, students may be given a further opportunity to demonstrate their competence by completing relevant tasks.
A range of tasks have been provided on this site to assist schools with this process.

Last Updated: 12/02/2015 15:09