Online Learning

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority provides online support to teachers of all courses through its extranet. This is a secure zone within the Authority's website. Registration is required to access the extranet.


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Materials available in the extranet

Website (public)
Extranet (secure)
Course syllabus
Sample unit packages
Guide to grades
Assessment item banks
Examinations front covers
Practical examinations requirements
Examinations information for teachers
Past WACE examinations
Online learning materials  

Online professional learning

The Authority supports teachers through online versions of key professional learning events such as assessment seminars.

The online professional learning materials are accessed through the extranet.

Teachers registered for the extranet can access any of the general professional learning materials.


Access to the extranet requires users to register their details. A TRBWA number is a prerequisite for this.

If you do not have a TRBWA number, email to complete your registration. Access will be granted to educators in a range of contexts, including university staff, final year pre-service teachers and teachers of WACE courses in an international context.

You will be asked to identify yourself as one of these user types as part of the registration process.

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SIRS training

Training videos for people registered for SIRS access are available in SIRS.

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