WACE after Year 12

There is no specified time limit for the completion of a WACE. Individuals may accumulate their results in WACE units, endorsed programs and VET credit transfer for WACE achievement over a life time.

For 2016 Year 12 Students who did not demonstrate the literacy and numeracy standard

If you sat the OLNA but did not achieve the WACE in 2016 because you did not demonstrate the literacy and numeracy standard you can apply to re-sit in any future OLNA rounds. Once all of the WACE requirements are met, you will be issued with a WACE.

Any queries please email olna@scsa.wa.edu.au

OLNA applications for the September 2017 round close on Friday 11 August 2017.

Reporting VET achievement

If you have not yet achieved a WACE and either:

  • were in Year 12 in 2016 and have since completed a VET qualification (closing date 13 October 2017)
  • are not currently enrolled in a secondary school or are returning to education and have completed a VET qualification since you were last enrolled in secondary education.

You can provide the evidence of achievement via the following online form.

The Authority will add the details to your student record and if you then meet all of the WACE requirements, you will be issued with a WACE. If approved, achievement of nationally recognised VET qualifications are awarded unit equivalence according to the current Year 11 and 12 equivalence structure (see WACE Manual). Please note that achievement in accredited courses do not automatically contribute to the WACE.

Any queries please email vetinfo@scsa.wa.edu.au